The rise of speciality coffee: elevating your office coffee experience

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While Brits may have a reputation for being a nation of tea lovers, the latest coffee trends show that the rise in speciality coffee is fuelling our love for the popular beverage.

Research commissioned by online electrical retailer AO found that milky coffee beverages were among the most popular in the UK, with lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites named as the top three coffee drinks.

The same research found that the average Brit will consume 676 cups of coffee a year, but the love of coffee isn’t just in the home. Drinking coffee in the workplace is also on the rise, making a coffee vending machine brewing speciality coffee a crucial element of the modern office.

Elevating the coffee experience in the workplace

More and more companies recognise that employee wellbeing is crucial to team culture and overall team happiness. For this reason, many companies are going beyond instant and pod coffee machines. Instead, they’re opting for high-quality vending machines that create luxurious barista-style speciality coffees to enhance the office coffee experience.

Whether employees enjoy an early morning pick-me-up or a mid-afternoon slump-buster, coffee is now an integral part of office culture. Providing speciality coffees in the workplace boosts productivity and is also seen as a perk as employees don’t need to leave the office for a barista-style caffeine fix.

The rise of speciality coffee has transformed how we consume the beverage, taking the office coffee experience to a new level. 

The quest for a quality office coffee experience

There are two things to consider when you source ways to enhance the office coffee experience. The first thing to consider is the quality of your vending machine. Gone are the days of instant coffee or coffee pod machines being sufficient in the workplace, as people now expect barista-style speciality coffees.

The second consideration is the coffee beans. While having the right equipment is paramount when elevating the coffee experience in the office, the beans are equally important. Using high-quality beans can completely transform the office coffee experience. Speciality coffee beans also provide a diverse range of flavours to explore.

At Your Refreshments, we offer a range of coffee vending machines such as floor-standing, tabletop and fresh milk coffee vending machines. All of these solutions are perfect for creating speciality coffee in the office. Additionally, we are the first UK vending company to offer plant-based milk in our coffee machines to enhance the office coffee experience for team members with different dietary requirements.

Our coffee partner, Caffe Praego, is an ethical, fully sustainable coffee bean supplier of exceptional quality. Each bag and blend of Caffe Praego speciality coffee is aromatic and flavourful and creates a positive social impact on the growers. This provides you with confidence that your speciality coffee not only tastes great but also supports the community that helped to create it.

Take a look at our impressive range of coffee vending machines to find the perfect solution for your office.

Enhance community and collaboration

By elevating the office coffee experience, companies can boost the sense of community in the workplace and facilitate collaboration. Modern offices with open working spaces and breakout areas can promote conversation and idea sharing over a delicious cup of speciality coffee.

As employees gather around the coffee station, it provides an opportunity to have informal chats about work and share ideas. This more relaxed sense of community helps to remove departmental boundaries and enables collaborative working away from the desk.  

Transform your office coffee experience

With the rise of speciality coffee, more workplaces are looking at ways to improve the office coffee experience for employees. Here are some handy tips to help you get started.

  1. Invest in a quality coffee vending machine
    Look for a vending machine that is robust, easy to use and can brew luxurious barista-style speciality coffee at the touch of a button.
  1. Source flavourful and ethically sourced coffee beans
    Not all coffee beans are equal. Do your research to find your perfect coffee partner. Our machines guarantee exceptional quality in every cup thanks to our coffee partner, Caffe Parego.
  1. Craft a coffee culture
    Encourage a coffee culture in your workplace. Create spaces where employees can gather to chat over a cup of coffee and share ideas.  

Are you ready to boost your office coffee experience?

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