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At Your Refreshments, we provide modern vending services for snacks, drinks, and meals. Give your teams and guests convenient access to an extensive range of quality products at the simple tap of a contactless bank card.

Whether it’s a sweet treat, a refreshing beverage or a healthy and nourishing snack, our vending solutions deliver a quality experience, every time.
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Our quality {vending machine services} provide access to grab-and-go meals, coffee, healthy snacks, sweet treats and much more. We can meet diverse and evolving tastes with a broad and thoughtful product range that caters to specific dietary requirements.

Our machines are available in a selection of styles and finishes, built to the highest standards in Europe. Everything from commercial units that rapidly dispense high volumes of product to compact, boutique tabletop units that slot effortlessly into a corporate setting.

Do you want to know {how much it is to hire a vending machine in the UK}? Are you looking for {contactless vending machines for sale in the UK}? We have the service for you; contact Your Refreshments today.

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