From bean to brew: the art of the perfect vending machine coffee

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From bean to brew: the art of the perfect vending machine coffee

The perfect cup of vending machine coffee is so much more than a quick beverage. It’s part of a daily ritual followed by millions of people around the world. With its rich aromas and warming flavours, freshly brewed coffee creates a welcoming atmosphere and fuels productivity, particularly in shared working environments.

With so rich a selection available, coffee vending machines are becoming a popular fixture in offices and break rooms across the UK. Workers are realising that vending machine coffee doesn’t have to compromise on the taste and quality they enjoy in local coffee shops. They also appreciate that it offers a more affordable and convenient solution than buying a takeaway coffee, bringing further benefits to the workplace.

But what ensures great quality, taste and aroma for the perfect coffee at the touch of a button? Read on to learn how Your Refreshments ensures an uplifting experience with every cup of our bean-to-cup coffee.

Creating the perfect conditions

Great coffee starts with rich, high-quality beans.

Fairtrade is the benchmark for sustainable coffee, and we’re proud to offer a complete range of Fairtrade vending machine coffee. Your Refreshments directly supports the Rwandan co-operative Point Foundation, which is where we source our first-class Caffe Praego coffee beans.

Rwanda’s sub-Saharan high altitudes, tropical rainfalls and volcanic soils create ideal growing conditions for beans. From pick to pour, Caffe Praego supplies the best speciality coffee with an aromatic and distinct taste.

Not only does our coffee taste fantastic, but it also has a positive social impact. 10% of the profits from our coffee sales go directly to the Point Foundation to support the families that grow the beans. This means that when you choose Your Refreshments as your bean-to-cup coffee supplier, you also support the Point Foundation’s work.

Using the right equipment

In today’s thriving coffee market, there’s no end of tools you can purchase to help craft the perfect coffee, including milk frothers, handheld whisks and coffee tampers. Or, you can rely on a machine to do all of the work for you.

At Your Refreshments, we’re proud to supply quality bean-to-cup coffee vending machines, so that you can get an authentic, barista-like coffee experience in your workplace. Our machines:

  • Serve premium espresso-based coffees
  • Use precision grinders to create high street-quality coffee in seconds
  • Provide a range of coffees, from speedy espressos to creamy lattes
  • Use modern and innovative technology to create barista-grade beverages.

As we can also supply plant-based milks in our machines, dietary requirements won’t get in the way of enjoying a great-tasting bean-to-cup coffee.

Here’s a selection of our coffee vending machines

Coffetek Neo

The Coffetek Neo floor-standing coffee vending machine provides a capacity and durability suitable for high footfall environments. Some of the key features include:

  • Energy saving mode to save up to 30% in energy consumption
  • A coffee shop menu complete with all of the popular beverages
  • Dispensing of recyclable 12oz takeaway-style cups.

This model is also available with a cashless payment system and a 10” or 15” media screen.

Vitro S5 MIA

This coffee vending machine features the latest European coffee technology with a fresh milk system that provides luxurious milk foam. Some of the Vitro S5 MIA’s key features include:

  • A high capacity capable of serving 250+ beverages every day
  • Easy refills, so you can top up the ingredients in seconds for a smooth service
  • Programmable recipe settings to configure your drink to your cup.

This model also provides up to 20 speciality coffee options.

Franke A600

A premium option for coffee and other hot drinks, the Franke A600 coffee vending machine is simple to use with maximum flavour extraction. Some of the key features include:

  • An 8” colour touchscreen and programmable drinks menu
  • A flexible selection that includes iced coffee options
  • A CleanMaster system designed to minimise the time required for cleaning.

This model is also available with a powder system for chai and chocolate drinks.

Ensuring your coffee experience is a stress-free one

As your trusted coffee machine vending supplier, Your Refreshments provides a DIY delivery service to your workplace so you’ve always got a reliable coffee supply.

Is it time to discover your perfect cup of coffee with Your Refreshments’ first-class beans and market-leading coffee vending machines? Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team on 020 7082 5555 or contact us here to find the ideal coffee vending machine for your workplace.


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