Fuelling success with workplace snacks: the ultimate guide

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Currently, one of the most popular incentives for team recruitment and retention is workplace snacks. Recent research indicates that the number of companies offering free snacks recently rose significantly to 32% (SHRM). Zerocater also found that 88% of employees consider it important for snacks to be provided, so this clearly highlights value for teams.

As part of your wider workplace culture, providing snacks is a great way of demonstrating care for your team members and their wellbeing. It’s just one simple step you can take to maintain a healthy, satisfied and productive workforce. The numerous benefits of providing workplace snacks include keeping energy slumps at bay and helping your employees save time and money from shopping elsewhere. So, if you’re considering providing workplace snacks to help fuel your team’s success, we’ve shared our top tips and recommended snack vending machines below.

Our top tips for {workplace} snacks

  • Make them easy to access: help your team take advantage of the snacks and beverages on offer using simple, intuitive vending solutions in spaces that experience regular footfall
  • Communicate your offering: let your team know what’s available and encourage them to feedback on any preferences and update you when there is a product they like, or do not like
  • Cater for all dietary requirements: if you have team members with a gluten-free or vegan diet, they’re going to want workplace snack options that reflect this
  • Encourage breakouts: taking a few minutes out from a busy day to enjoy a drink and a quick snack can help to energise your team and maintain productivity

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Why choose a workplace {snacks} vending machine from Your Refreshments?

  • Flexibility: stock your machine with the exact snacks you want, choosing from a range of healthy snacks, confectionery, crisps and more
  • Convenience: all our machines are available with contactless payment for ease of use to simply tap and go
  • 24-hour access: ideal for workplaces that operate around the clock, or are not located near a high-street
  • Easy maintenance: access expert guidance and support from a range of dedicated merchandisers and service technicians
  • Convenient delivery: we’ll deliver your delicious food and drinks to your workplace as you need them
  • Suitable for all dietary preferences: our snack vending machines also provide easy access to healthier snacks like fruit pots and yoghurts to nourish your team.

Additional options include a cashless payment system, dual temperature functionality and telemetry for insights into which snacks are most popular.

Our {snack} vending machines

Coffetek Palma

This floor-standing vending machine stocks a range of workplace snacks from crisps and confectionery to healthier alternatives like fruit and yoghurt pots. The incredibly versatile Coffetek Palma offers adjustable shelving for a variety of products. It can also be configured to stock cold beverages like cans and bottles, so you have all of your workplace snacks and soft drinks in one place. 

Some of the Coffetek Palma’s key features include:

  • Two adjustable trays, two temperature options and two simultaneously rotating spindles to vend larger products
  • I-detect vend to safeguard against products failing to vend
  • LED lighting for an attractive shop window effect
  • Bespoke fit thanks to its wide selection of dimensions.

Necta Tango

Perfectly designed for areas with high demand, the Necta Tango offers a large product capacity complemented by a high-efficiency cooling unit to maintain low energy consumption. This large capacity makes it ideal for offering a range of workplace snacks, whether your team prefers savoury snacks and crisps or quick-fix chocolate bars and biscuits.

Additional features of the Necta Tango include:

  • Compact design with a simple user interface
  • Cashless payment for quick and easy card payments
  • LED lighting for an attractive shop window effect
  • A wide variety of food and drink products, including canned and bottled drinks, fruit juices and confectionery.

Necta Melodia

Suitable for a variety of commercial environments, the Necta Melodia provides workplace snacks and beverages, including household favourites and healthier alternatives, in one compact solution. Its small footprint still packs a broad range of stock into its slimline proportions for areas where space may be limited, whilst the cooling unit ensures energy consumption is reduced for higher efficiency.

Additional features of the Necta Melodia include:

  • Scalable design that’s also available as a slave unit in a bank of machines to meet areas of higher demand
  • Cashless payment module for easier transactions
  • Compact design that doesn’t compromise on stock capacity.

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Are you ready to experience the {benefits} of workplace snacks for fuelling your team’s success?

With Your Refreshments’ consultative approach, we’re dedicated to learning about and exceeding your requirements. From initially reviewing your site through to installation and launch, we help you find the perfect snack vending machine for your workplace. With a Your Refreshments snack vending machine, our support doesn’t just stop there. We provide an ongoing service for stock and maintenance, so you can rely on us for all your vending needs.

We partner with premium machine manufacturers and suppliers to offer the very latest innovations in smart vending technology and the highest quality stock to fill your vending machine.

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