The rise of wellness beverages: Exploring health-boosting options

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If the cold drink machines in your organisation only stock sugary, high-calorie beverages, you might find they don’t sell particularly well. Following the introduction of the ‘sugar tax’ in the UK, the total sugar sold in soft drinks dropped by 35.4% between 2015 and 2019, showing that consumers are increasingly likely to choose healthier beverages.

However, people aren’t just looking for drinks that are healthier than their previous choices; they’re looking for drinks that can actively support their physical health. In this article, we’re going to look at the rise of wellness beverages, and what you need to be stocking your cold drinks vending machines with to meet your employees’ needs.

The trends driving beverage sales

With millennials making up the largest percentage of the global workforce, this can heavily influence preferences when stocking your organisation’s cold drink machines. Here are some of the key beverage trends to consider.


As consumers continue to learn more about health and nutrition, they’ve begun to consciously choose beverages that support health and wellbeing. From boosting their immunity by increasing their vitamin intake to cutting out ingredients like sugar, caffeine and dairy. There are many different ways that drinks such as smoothies can contribute towards overall wellness.

Low sugar

Restrictions on advertising for products high in fat, salt or sugar could mean an increase in the awareness of, and demand for, low-sugar drinks. It’s therefore likely that your employees will be actively seeking out specific brands that may not traditionally have been included in cold drinks vending machines.

Wellness beverages for your workplace

Choosing the right types of beverages will turn your cold drinks vending machine into a destination instead of a last resort. If you’re looking to stock drinks your employees will love, there are lots of different types of wellness beverages to choose from.

Ionised water

Ionised water has been linked with many health benefits, although some believe that this is more about marketing than science. However, it’s low in impurities and high in minerals, making it a healthy and refreshing choice.

Flavoured water

For those who crave something a little sweeter, flavoured water offers a more satisfying taste than plain water. Naturally flavoured still, sparkling and soda waters make great health-conscious swaps for those looking to cut out sugary fizzy drinks.

Vitamin drinks

There are many drinks on the market that are fortified with additional vitamins, including still and sparkling water, juices and smoothies. While some simply offer a boost of a specific vitamin, others provide 100% of a person’s essential vitamins.


Kombucha is a fermented tea-based drink, often sweetened and flavoured with natural ingredients such as fruit and ginger. It comes with 2,000 years of history and a variety of health claims, and it’s a great low-calorie option.

Sugar-free soft drinks

Fizzy drinks are the bread and butter of cold drink machines, and many of your employees will be looking for healthier alternatives to these classics. From light, diet or ‘zero’ versions of well-known products to indie manufacturers selling only naturally sweetened beverages, there’s never been more choice in sugar-free soft drinks.

Natural energy drinks

As the day wears on, employees may need a little pick-me-up, and natural energy drinks offer a great alternative to coffee. These beverages include natural ingredients such as green tea, ginseng, yerba mate, guarana and ginkgo biloba.

Protein shakes

Protein helps to support muscle growth, making it a popular supplement for those with an interest in health and fitness. Many ready-to-drink protein shakes are filling and nutritious, helping to boost concentration and productivity.

Stock your cold drink machines with wellness beverages

When you choose cold drinks vending machines and smart fridges from Your Refreshments, you get access to a wide range of beverages, including smoothies and low-sugar options to promote healthy choices in your organisation.

If you’d like to learn more about stocking your cold drink machines with delicious beverages your employees actually want to drink, speak to a member of our friendly team on 020 7082 5555.


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