How to create a welcoming break room: design tips and ideas

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How to create a welcoming break room: design tips and ideas

Creating a {welcoming break room:} design tips and ideas for a {relaxing office oasis}

In today’s fast-paced work environment, the office break room has evolved beyond being somewhere to grab a quick snack. A welcoming break room can be a crucial element in promoting productivity by giving team members somewhere to relax during a busy day, as well as helping to boost employee morale and wellbeing.

In this article, we’ll explore some inspiring office break room design ideas and tips to help you create a space that not is both functional and enjoyable to spend time in.

The importance of a welcoming break room

Before we dive into the design tips, let’s understand why a welcoming break room is so vital in the modern workplace.

With remote working becoming more common, many employers are looking for ways to entice employees back into the office. Providing a comfortable space for employees to get away from their desks helps to create a physical distinction between work and rest, helping them to relax more when they’re taking a break. Giving employees access to a relaxing office oasis can enhance morale, encourage social interaction and even boost productivity.

{Welcoming break room} design ideas

Let’s take a look at some office break room design ideas that will help to make your employees feel welcome, relaxed and appreciated.

Health and wellbeing considerations

Offering healthy snacks and drinks can greatly enhance the break room experience and promote employee wellbeing. Stock the space with a variety of nutritious options to keep employees energised and satisfied throughout the day. You can also organise wellness programs in the break room, such as yoga sessions or mindfulness workshops. These activities can further enhance employee wellbeing and are perfect for your relaxing office oasis.

Comfortable seating

One of the fundamental elements of creating a welcoming break room is providing comfortable seating. Kit out the space with plush sofas or even bean bags to create an environment that feels physically different from sitting at a desk on an office chair. A variety of seating options allows employees to make the space their own for socialising and relaxing.

Different zones

Designate different zones within the break room to cater to various preferences. Have a quiet corner for those who want to relax in solitude, a comfy seating area with soft furnishings for group discussions and a dining area with tables and chairs for eating meals at lunchtime.

Natural light and greenery

Embrace the mood-boosting power of natural light by positioning the break room near a window or incorporating skylights. If this isn’t possible, daylight bulbs can help to recreate the feel of the great outdoors. To enhance the calming effect, add some plants to purify the air and add a touch of nature to the space for a truly relaxing office oasis.

Calming colour schemes

A welcoming break room should make employees feel at ease as soon as they step inside. While they might look fun and modern, bright colours can feel overly stimulating. Create a relaxing workspace by choosing soothing colour palettes such as soft blues, greens and earthy tones for a calming atmosphere.

Entertainment options

Some more fun break room ideas include adding entertainment options like a pool table, board games, or even a TV with streaming services and a games console. These amenities can provide a mental escape during breaks and encourage social interaction among colleagues.

{Creating a relaxing workspace}

Good break room design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. A welcoming break room created with comfort and relaxation in mind can be a game-changer for your workplace. By implementing some of these break room ideas, you can create an inviting space where employees can take a break, recharge and return to their tasks with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Stock your {relaxing office oasis} with healthy snacks to boost employee wellbeing

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