Providing healthy snack options in the office

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Providing healthy snack options in the office

Providing healthy food for office workers can help to promote employee wellness and it can also improve productivity. According to planadviser, two out of three people reported being extremely happy or very happy with their workplace if snacks were available!

What are the benefits of healthy office snacks?

For decades, UK offices have been known for indulgent snacking. Now we’re more aware of health and wellness, businesses are concentrating on supplying healthy snacks for employees to have on hand. From fresh fruit to cereal bars, the snacking landscape is evolving to meet the needs of modern organisations.

The benefits of healthy snacks for work in the UK include:

  • A boost in productivity
  • Easy accessibility to healthy snacks
  • Job satisfaction
  • Increased energy
  • Less time out of the office
  • Employee retention
  • A healthier workforce.

After a busy commute, many employees struggle to also bring store-bought snacks for work. With an abundance of fast food available at a click of an app, providing healthy food for office workers that are equally as accessible is important.

Office habits

Post-pandemic, offices are getting busier, and employees are enjoying being back in their familiar working environments, where teamwork comes naturally.

It’s no secret that on a busy workday, people may be tempted to skip lunch. At Your Refreshments, we are committed to showing businesses and employees that healthy office snacks and grab-and-go options do exist, and by offering them to your employees, there’s no need to ever skip lunch or snacks again.

Now that office environments are thriving again, people are beginning to appreciate the benefits of and prioritise having a break during the working day. With a vending machine from Your Refreshments, you can prioritise well-being with a calming break-out space with plenty of snack options available.

Wellness and productivity

Wellness is obtained by actively pursuing healthy habits every day. Nourishing your body with nutrient-dense, wholesome foods positively impact your overall health. Increasingly, businesses are starting to encourage employees to practise wellness in the workplace.

A study by GOV.UK shows a correlation between wellness in the workplace and overall work performance. Well-being in the workplace was linked to an increase in creativity, energy, and motivation. The study shows that presenting a plentiful choice of healthy food for office workers is the key to a healthier workforce.

Choose Your Refreshments for healthy office snacks

If you’re struggling to think of the best office snack ideas, call on Your Refreshments.

Balance is important. Sometimes, only a chocolate bar will do! By offering your workforce a variety of snacks and meals, they will feel empowered to select the product that best serves their needs at the time.

When you proceed with Your Refreshments, we take a visit to your office and speak to your employees directly. By finding out what they are interested in, we can tailor your offering to suit the needs of your organisation. As experts, we can also explain how workforces with a similar demographic typically respond to each product category so you can truly personalise what you offer.

Our vending machines can offer your workforce delicious and healthy office snacks all day. With a great selection of individually wrapped snacks for the office, there’s no need for anyone to be hungry at work. Vending machines are cost-effective and convenient, especially when compared to traditional canteen facilities.

With Your Refreshments you can select the right vending machine for your business filled with healthy, nourishing snacks; choose from:

Fresh food vending machines

As the desire for healthy on-the-go options grows, many businesses are opting for fresh food vending machines to satisfy their peckish team. With a great variety of products to choose from, your team can pick delicious bites from breakfast through to dinner.

Snack and sweet vending machines

Classic vending machines are changing. Gone are the days where you must pick from indulgent treats every day. Now, the product selection can cater to dietary requirements, with individually wrapped snacks for the office.

Smart fridge vending machines

They’re the vending machines with a difference. Smart vending machines offer healthy office snacks, grab-and-go meals, and cold drinks in seconds. With a touch of a contactless card, your team can pick from a variety of tasty snacks from the comfort of the office.

With our vast product range, we are proud to cater for many tastes and dietary requirements, including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Low sugar/sugar-free.

If you also need to keep your team hydrated, take a look at our fantastic selection of coffee machines and water machines.

Contact the experts at Your Refreshments

If you’d like more information on healthy office snack solutions, we offer consultations that will enable us to suggest a vending solution that suits your business needs.

Call us on 020 7082 555 or email to speak about our vending solutions with an experienced Your Refreshments consultant, discover our range of healthy snacks and keep your workforce energised all day every day.


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