The latest trends in office coffee and tea services

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The latest trends in office coffee and tea services

The latest trends in office coffee and tea services

The future of the coffee industry is sustainably sourced

The importance of wellness in office work feeds into everything, from the way workers interact to the lunches they choose. This interest extends even further to their drinking habits, as more employees pay attention to what they consume daily. Many office workers are also becoming more selective about purchasing coffee and tea from coffee shops, as they begin to limit unnecessary spending. Therefore, now more than ever, offering high-quality drinks in the workplace is seen as a perk of the job and offers a growing appeal for office workers.

Providing a great selection of office beverages and following some of the latest tea and coffee trends can make travelling into the office even more worthwhile, so it is useful to know exactly what consumers are looking for.

If you are wondering what the coffee industry is missing, and how to incorporate emerging coffee trends into your office to boost the culture, read on to discover our coffee industry insights and tea trends for 2023.


The future of the coffee industry is sustainably sourced

As workers continue to return to office working on a more regular basis, they are also bringing their concerns about the planet into the workplace. With sustainability being one of the greatest driving factors for prospective employees at the recruitment stage, knowing where their coffee is sourced from, how it was grown and who grew it is an increasing concern for office workers.

Sustainable coffee brands are on the rise, with people looking beyond organic and fair trade certifications for further social proof in the company ethos. The same is true for tea drinkers, for whom ethical and organic sources are a key consideration when purchasing. When it comes to supplying innovative offices, the future of the coffee industry, as well as the tea industry, is rooted in ethical and sustainable sourcing and processes.

Your Refreshments is proud to work with companies that offer full traceability back to the source, to ensure that the farmers and communities that grow our coffee and tea are supported. But we take this initiative one step further, by providing our customers with information on how their revenue has impacted these communities.

In partnership with Caffe Praego, our bean-to-cup coffee provider, with every cup of Tea Pigs single-origin Rwandan fresh brew breakfast tea, a donation is made to the Point Foundation, which supports tea-growing communities in Rwanda.

Learn more about Caffe Praego, winner of the Vendies 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Award, here.


Healthier choices of additives

The rise in plant-based diets shows no sign of slowing, and neither does the demand for dairy-alternative milks, which is now one of the biggest market trends in coffee. Matched by a growing drive towards sustainability, plant-based milks also accommodate office workers and visitors with additional dietary requirements, so that everyone can enjoy a fresh beverage.

Our office coffee machine range provides freshly ground bean-to-cup coffee, with the addition of both fresh milk and plant-based milk alternatives. Alongside a selection of milks, we also offer a compact tabletop unit with flavour shots and syrups, including sugar-free options to support healthier choices.


High-quality instant coffee is non-negotiable

Coffee industry insights have demonstrated that drinkers no longer want to choose between convenience and quality when it comes to office beverages. To maintain productivity, office workers are looking for a flavoursome fix, without skimping on great flavours. Whereas previously bitter instant coffee was the norm, the growing use of high-quality coffee beans and the presence of innovative coffee machines means rich-tasting coffee is available at just the press of a button. Trendy coffee drinks are forever emerging, but traditional, freshly ground coffee never goes out of style.

Choosing a Your Refreshments bean-to-cup coffee vending machine means your team can enjoy premium espresso-based coffees in seconds. Beyond the irresistible aroma of freshly ground coffee, our bean-to-cup coffee machine also helps to create a productive and collaborative working space as the innovative precision grinders conveniently create barista-quality coffee, so staff and guests do not have to venture far to help themselves to a tasty beverage.


Beyond the black and green

Tea is a fast-growing market, and today’s variety goes far beyond the traditional breakfast and green teas to include herbal, speciality and infusion teas. As supermarket shelves continue to stock a growing range of speciality teas and infusions, more and more offices are following suit. These exciting blends offer new experiences for tea enthusiasts, with high-quality ingredients and flavours becoming a fast-growing tea trend in 2023.

Infusion teas sit well within the current wellbeing culture and in 2023, more office workers will make intentional choices about the teas that they drink as taking care of the body and mind becomes a growing priority this year.

You can enjoy these flavour-infused brews in the office thanks to our fresh leaf tea selection from beloved brands. An office favourite, Birchall’s impressive range from earl grey to lemongrass and ginger is available as part of our hot drinks vending machines, as well as Teapigs’ top quality, whole-leaf tea, including single-origin Rwandan fresh brew breakfast tea, their signature everyday brew, peppermint tea and chamomile tea.


Taking a mindful break

A comforting cup of tea has long been associated with a welcome break. It is an opportunity to gather thoughts before starting a project and debrief after a busy meeting. Despite the ever-emerging palette of tea flavours, a good old-fashioned cup of tea is still a firm favourite.

With more awareness of the health benefits that tea offers and the appealing variety of bold new flavours, tea is sure to remain a staple for office meetings. Your Refreshments’ hot drinks vending machines produce premium tea beverages in seconds, creating a great-tasting drink to refresh your team on busy afternoons. We are proud to supply firm favourites such as Twinings, PG Tips and Yorkshire Tea alongside our vending solutions, or for use with an office kettle.


The rise of ready-to-drink teas

Though the warmer weather might still be some way off, as spring and summer approach, ready-to-drink teas and cold brew infusions are set to be favoured over the alternative of sugary juices and fizzy drinks.

This new tea trend comes as no surprise as consumers are more ‘on the go’ than they have ever been. When it comes to a refreshing break, having a caffeinated beverage to hand that can easily be kept in a bag and consumed between meetings is important. Adding canned and ready-to-drink options to the office caters to team members who prefer to consume their coffee in less traditional ways. That is why our coffee vending machines, which include options such as iced frappes, provide a great variety for all coffee drinkers.


What do office tea and coffee vending machines offer?

These emerging coffee and tea trends for 2023 show that offering on-site coffee and tea vending machines is a simple but effective method to make your workplace more inviting to staff and clients. Accessing high-quality hot drinks in the office makes the environment more welcoming and productive than having to look elsewhere for a great-tasting caffeine fix, so a reliable, high-quality vending solution encourages teams to spend more time in the office.

Whilst your team collaborates over a hot drink and enjoys breaks together, hot drinks vending machines a barista-grade experience into your space. Adding a vending machine to the staff break room helps your teams to enjoy a quick break during the busy working day.


Allow Your Refreshments to elevate your office experience

Whilst market trends in coffee continue to shift and change and spending on barista-made coffees may taper over the next few months, the demand for delicious caffeinated beverages will not. With our extensive fresh milk coffee vending machine collection, workers can enjoy the luxury of a barista-style drink in the office at a fraction of the cost. From cappuccinos to mochas, our advanced milk technology and precise bean grinders ensure delicious coffees in seconds, and our impressive range for tea drinkers means that your team will not have to look far to find a drink that they will love.

As a specialist commercial vending machine supplier, Your Refreshments offer consultations and recommend specific hot drinks vending machines and beverages to suit both your usage levels and taste; whether that is a heavy-duty floor-standing machine or a sleeker, more compact touchscreen tabletop vending option for the boardroom.

We offer the most reliable and stylish models of hot drinks vending machines with a great product selection that reflects new tea trends and shifts in the coffee market based on consumer habits. Our hassle-free, low-maintenance solutions are at the forefront of market innovation, ensuring that it has never been easier to enjoy a great cup of tea or coffee in the office.

Speak to an experienced consultant at Your Refreshments on 020 7082 555, or email to receive recommendations on which machines best suit your business requirements, and allow us to help you enjoy a higher-quality in-office coffee and tea service.


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