Wellness at work: promoting employee wellbeing through thoughtful refreshment choices

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Following Employee Wellness Month in June, many businesses are continuing the focus on workplace wellness and making adjustments for the benefit of their employees. With 91% of workers in the UK having experienced work-related stress (The Office Group), employee wellbeing is as important for a happy and healthy workforce as ever.

Many businesses recognise that employee nutrition and wellbeing underpin a high-performing team culture. Eating a balanced diet is one simple way to practise wellbeing and a key contributor to wellness at work.

Promoting {employee wellbeing} with office refreshments

One of the ways that employers can support their teams is by making small changes that encourage healthier habits throughout the working day. These changes can have a big impact that leaves teams feeling more energised, supported and inspired, in turn reflecting in their work.

Enjoying a nutritious snack or beverage whilst taking a mindful break can help to optimise working performance throughout the day. Encourage your employees to:

  • Take a break once an hour for a few minutes to get some movement away from their workstation
  • Regularly hydrate throughout the day to maintain concentration and keep fatigue at bay
  • Access on-site vending solutions for refreshments and snacks when they need an energy boost.

Choose {Your Refreshments} for convenient and tailored solutions

Your Refreshments is proud to provide industry-leading food and drink services tailored to the unique needs of businesses across the UK. Our mission is to provide our customers with great food and drink, every day, to encourage wellness at work.

Our bespoke product mix caters for all refreshment and snack preferences, whilst being mindful of dietary requirements for a more inclusive workspace. Choose from a selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and healthier options alongside the most popular confectionery favourites. Explore some of the options we offer below to see how the Your Refreshments service could help in promoting employee wellbeing in your workplace.

Coffee {vending machines}

Our coffee vending machines are convenient for enjoying a coffee break between meetings and catching up with colleagues over a quality hot beverage. Our fresh milk and bean-to-cup coffee vending machines are suitable for all commercial spaces and working environments. As the first UK vending company to offer plant-based milk in coffee machines, our coffees cater to all dietary requirements, whether you prefer a frothy cappuccino or an aromatic espresso.

  • Vitro S5 MIA – A compact tabletop unit with a fresh milk system for luxurious milk foam that provides a barista-style experience
  • Franke A600 – This sleek tabletop unit extracts maximum flavour from your beans for a consistently high-quality drink
  • Coffetek Neo – a sturdy floor-standing bean-to-cup coffee vending machine that’s well suited to heavy footfall environments with high demand

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Snack and drink {vending machines}

When your team is experiencing a busy home life and working schedule, they may find it difficult to prepare lunches in advance. Offering lunchtime favourites alongside snacks and cold drinks in the office helps them to stay fuelled and hydrated throughout the working day, supporting workplace wellness. Our vending solutions are simple to use, offering easy contactless payment technology and an impressive range of sweet treats, snacks, soft drinks and lunches.

  • Smart Fridge – This convenient solution offers a larger range of food like sandwiches, pasta pots, salads, yoghurt pots and confectionary alongside cold drinks
  • Necta Twist – This high-capacity vending machine is suitable for serving a range of convenient foods and cold drinks to areas with large demand
  • Coffetek Palma – For easy grab-and-go snacks and drinks, the Coffetek Palma offers a range of confectionery, crisps, healthy snacks, carbonated drinks and fruit juices.

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We’re here to help you provide thoughtful {refreshment choices}

Unlike other vendors, we offer complete flexibility to create a bespoke offering that includes coffees and other hot drinks, water machines, snacks and cold drinks. Speak to a member of our team on 020 7082 5555 about our high-quality, cost-effective workplace refreshments and learn how they can help support employee wellbeing in your workplace. Alternatively, you can let us know your vending requirements here or browse our full range of machines below.

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