Creating a refreshing workspace with Your Refreshments

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Creating a refreshing workspace

As workplaces encourage their teams to spend more time in the office, creating a refreshing workspace has become essential. In fast-paced work environments, organisations must implement strategies to maintain productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

What are the benefits of a refreshing workspace?

Providing food for your office and creating a collaborative environment will benefit employees and employers. Here are some of the advantages:

Increased productivity

Employees can refuel throughout the day with easy access to food and beverages, leading to increased productivity.

Employee satisfaction

A refreshing workspace that caters to employees’ needs boosts satisfaction and enhances company culture. Also, a company that prioritises employee well-being can attract and retain talent. In a recent poll by Ipsos, 48% of British adults say they consume a plant-based milk alternative in their diet, yet many companies are not providing this alongside traditional dairy milk.

Ease for employees

Providing a variety of food and drink options can eliminate the need to leave the office for food and snacks.

Team collaboration

Having designated areas for food and drinks encourages employees to gather during breaks and promotes collaboration.

How to create a refreshing workspace

Create a comfortable and collaborative office environment

Your office environment and workspace should encourage comfortable and positive working. Here are some ideas:

  • Breakout space, such as a break room that encourages employees to step away from their desks
  • Calming decor that isn’t distracting and encourages focus time
  • In 2004, a study suggested that having indoor plants could have a positive effect on mood and creative task performance!
  • Supplying nourishing and varied food and drink options for your office.

Food for the office

Access to food in the workplace saves employees time, whilst giving them the necessary nutrition to power through their workday. A dedicated food vending machine can provide employees with convenient options, including fresh food, salads, fruit pots, pastries and yoghurts, and drink and snack vending machines can provide healthy snacks, crisps, chocolate and confectionery.

Tea and coffee machines for the office

Employees should have access to beverages throughout the day. You can achieve this by introducing a tea and coffee machine in your office. A fresh cup of tea or coffee can boost productivity and provide employees with a much-needed energy boost. Tea and coffee machines can cater to individual preferences, offering a range of options such as black tea, green tea, herbal tea, and various types of coffee. This ensures that everyone can find their favourite hot beverage during their workday.

At Your Refreshments, we offer tea and coffee machines to suit your bespoke requirements. From table-top coffee vending machines to fresh milk coffee machines, we’ll have the right machine for you.

Drink vending machines

In addition to tea and coffee, a cold drink vending machine can provide a significant benefit to employees who prefer cold beverages. A drink vending machine offers a wide range of options, including flavoured water, soft drinks, and energy drinks. This variety encourages employees to quench their thirst and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Snack vending machines

Who doesn’t love a snack? Installing a snack vending machine in your workspace can provide easy access to a selection of snacks such as granola bars, confectionery and crisps. This is particularly helpful during busy days when employees don’t have time to leave the office or when they need a quick energy boost.

Ready to create your refreshing workspace? Call on Your Refreshments

Ensuring that your employees have convenient access to food and beverages can help them stay focused and energised throughout the workday. Investing in a refreshing workspace enhances employee productivity and improves company culture and employee retention rates. So, why wait? Speak to a friendly member of the Your Refreshments team on 020 7082 5555, or email to learn more about how we can support your workplace with refreshing solutions.


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